5 things to consider when choosing a kitchen island

5 things to consider when choosing a kitchen island.

5 things to consider when choosing a kitchen island

An island is a wonderful addition to any kitchen and has many uses, but there are some important things to consider when choosing one. Here are Kestrel’s 5 top tips to consider when choosing your island:

  1. Space: There is nothing worse than putting in your dream island and realising the kitchen is now cramped and there is no space in which to move. This is where having a bespoke design to your kitchen really is important. We make sure that your ideas for an island are not too ambitious. An island is designed to work with a kitchen, not create more work for you!
  2. Shape: Islands come in many shapes, mostly rectangular! However, Kestrel designs your island from scratch, so if you want curved edges or a long thin island, or even a totally round one, all this is possible. The shape does not have to be adjusted to make your island fit, as bespoke design means exactly that. So if your heart is set upon a teardrop shaped island, our mission is to deliver that whilst ensuring it still works within the overall scheme.
  3. Seating: Lots of islands nowadays, have a space for seating, either all around them, or at one end. Kestrel is often asked to build a bench or seating into the actual island itself, and the effect is very pleasing. For seating, you can have seating all around or just at one Take a look at our gallery or inspiration!
  4. Storage: An island is so much more nowadays than an extra work surface as storage has now become a major consideration in the design of any island. Are you going to have units all around your island or open shelving for baskets and decorative items? How about a wine cooler or rack; drawers for utensils; Think about the storage uses of your island carefully and also where you’re going to want any sockets placed to use appliances.
  5. Style: An island is a chance to take a risk in your kitchen and introduce a totally different colour, or work surface texture or even some coloured lighting! There are a wide variety of work surface tops available to make your island a statement feature in your new kitchen. A bold splash of colour is an easy way to introduce a feeling of space or light, so why not pop into our showroom and examine the colours and textures you could bring into your dream kitchen.

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Hi Susan, thanks for your message. We would be delighted to talk more about your kitchen. Please give us a call on 01603 722026 or email edward@kestrelfurniture.com with your contact details and we’ll get in touch.

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