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How to make your kitchen the heart of the home

How to make your kitchen the heart of the home

With the weather turning colder and the days becoming shorter, it is natural that we spend more time in our homes, and therefore more time in the kitchen. The old saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” is especially true at this time of year. To  ensure your kitchen is ready to be the warm and welcoming centre of your home, we have some handy tips.

How to make your kitchen the heart of the home


1.)Use Colour: Do not be afraid to use a bold colour for your units. This beautiful kitchen has used a darker teal to offset the white of the centre island. The balance of colour allows for a wide palette to be used throughout the room, without clashing with the overall appeal. You will notice how the vase of flowers seems to pop; this is a fabulous use of colour and one that is easy to replicate in  your kitchen if new units are not on the horizon. Why not gather some seasonal blooms and add in some green foliage to offset the colours you have in your kitchen, or even go all out and make a stunning contrasting floral arrangement the central focal point against a plain wall.


2.)Luscious Lighting:  The lighting you choose will instantly set the ambiance of the room. Whilst dimmer switches and spotlights are still very popular, there are some truly stunning options on the market today. From low hung pendant lights with a modern industrial feel, to the breathtaking contemporary twists on the traditional chandelier, the lights you select need to really complement your kitchen and work alongside your units. There are many LED options available now, so with the days becoming shorter and darker, consider changing your lighting for an instant make over that will really make your kitchen a welcoming space.  If you want some inspiration, head over to our Pinterest boards and see what inspires you!


3.)Spark Joy: Whilst the fireworks are going up outside, there is no need to bring them indoors to find a spark of joy. The recent ongoing desire for keeping only those things around you that make you feel happy can so easily be extended to your kitchen. In order for it to feel a friendly and welcoming space, it needs to be clutter free. Can you see the vast array of bottles, spices and packets in the kitchen above? No, they are safely tucked away inside this beautiful larder. As each kitchen we design is bespoke, it is easy to include options that allow for the daily clutter of everyday life to be neatly stored away. Have a look around your kitchen and see what you can do to clear surfaces and make it feel a calm and comforting hub.



4.)Arresting Aromas: Whilst the aroma of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee is enough to stop most folk in their tracks, it is not practical to have it at home every day. There is a dizzying variety of reed diffusers and luxury scented candles available but nothing beats the aroma of food, especially in the kitchen. Step forward the humble slow cooker; this “must have” device is the saviour of the busy home. Place your ingredients inside, set the timer and forget about it until the aromas pull you towards your kitchen. At this time of year, warming stews are a traditional favourite, but did you know that you can make perfect pasta dishes, delicious desserts and even fudge in your slow cooker? We have pulled together some mouth watering, soul soothing slow cooker dishes over on Pinterest to inspire you. And in the meantime, there is no harm in lighting that luxury candle!

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