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Inspirational kitchen designs - Kestrel Kitchens

As the heart of the home, you’ll want your kitchen to be an inspirational space for cooking your favourite culinary delights. It will need to offer both form and function and with a wide range of options in style and finish, your kitchen should reflect your personality and passion. We’ve taken a look at the top considerations for planning your kitchen area, whether you’re preparing meals for the family, a dinner party, or dining solo.


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The layout is key. Ensuring there’s enough space for comfortable movement, the placement of your appliances, and their ease of use are all important factors. There are six main kitchen layouts in modern design. Each has their own unique set of characteristics and we’ll help you to plan the best-suited layout for your kitchen.

A firm favourite for larger kitchens is an Island Kitchen. Creating a focal point in the kitchen and offering extra worktop and storage, centre islands are a sophisticated addition. Integrate seating for an interactive cooking experience with guests and the family. Or incorporate your appliances for a fully immersive experience. For a sleek look, opt for a curved design and consider two-toned cabinetry to break up the space.

Where there’s not sufficient room for an island, the Peninsula Kitchen is a great alternative. Incorporating a breakfast bar area is a great way to keep interactivity while cooking as guests will be able to relax and chat while you’re preparing your food.

A U-shaped kitchen is also popular for larger spaces. Cabinetry is fitted along three adjacent walls. This is a great choice for workflow and sharing the cooking experience with multiple people. Consider upper cabinets on just a couple of walls, leaving the other to just low level to avoid feeling closed in.

A very practical layout for both small and large areas is the L-Shaped Kitchen. With cabinets fitted along two walls, it gives you great flexibility and storage and you can also incorporate some clever corner cabinetry to really maximise the room.

The final two layouts are usually found in smaller spaces – the Galley Kitchen and a One-wall Kitchen. Both are efficient without giving up any functionality.

Food preparation and cooking

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As part of our kitchen design expertise, we’ll take a look at your work triangle. This is the line drawn from each of the three primary workstations in a kitchen – the food storage area, cooking area, and the clean-up area. You’ll want easy access to all of your ingredients and plenty of workspace to prepare your meal. When it comes to the fun cooking part, you’ll also need an ergonomically designed cooking station – whether you’re cooking using a hob, oven, or have a luxurious range.

As part of our service, we can supply and install all your appliances, including ranges and ovens, to make your dream kitchen a reality.


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If you’re an avid cook, then smart storage solutions are a must to keep track of all your ingredients. Pantry style floor-to-ceiling cabinets can hide clutter and be fitted with custom-sized drawers and shelves to help with organisation. Extra-large drawers to hold utensils or cookware will be the envy of your guests and offer much-needed space to expand your cookware collection. All of our cabinetry is bespoke and hand-built to your exact requirements.


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Whether you’re cooking in an intimate space or a large open-plan layout, lighting can have a dramatic effect on the ambiance of your room. You’ll want the option for bright lighting in your cooking area, but there are also lots of alternatives for a more subtle styling as part of your design. Consider LED lights at cabinet or floor level or hanging pendants to create a more flexible mood lighting solution.


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Your kitchen can also double as an inviting dining area. Add an extended top to your island and stylish comfortable seating for a versatile and friendly feel. Or connect your dining table to your kitchen island. This stylish, modern addition is great for displaying delicious treats, bringing food to the table, and making the best use of space.

Your kitchen renovation

Cooking inspiration can come from many avenues – your favourite cookbook, TV programme, or a family recipe. There’s no doubt that your kitchen space is vital to helping you explore your passion for food creation. To create your next inspiring kitchen design, please contact us.

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