Hoveton – Bespoke high gloss kitchen Norfolk


We did a total renovation of the house and had a large empty space that was to become the kitchen where we wanted to have a truly bespoke, handmade kitchen. We knew what we wanted which was a bespoke handmade kitchen, but needed an experienced kitchen designer to make it a reality and to put in front of me all the options in addition to drawing up the designs.  What I truly appreciated about Kestrel is that they brought together the entire package.  The showroom in Norwich allowed us to see and touch Kestrel’s work, the wood, and give ideas on how to begin.  Their multiple visits to the site, including speaking to the builders, electrician and plumbers allowed the work to be coordinated including the wiring and plumbing necessary to support the design.  I loved the visit to the stonemasons to pick out the actual slabs of granite that became the countertops. Roger the designer was endlessly patient as we fine tuned the cabinets, shelves, lighting, colours the result was our dream kitchen which was beautifully made and hand finished. We could not have a more lovely, perfectly bespoke handmade kitchen all thanks to Kestrel Kitchens!

Hoverton Kitchen