We were looking for a bespoke handmade kitchen made in Norfolk to completely revamp our terribly old and tired kitchen which we had rubbed along with for 7 years whilst we did more vital work around the house. Also we weren’t prepared to do a half job on the kitchen so wanted to wait until we could put funds in place to do it well. We also wanted to retain the character of the room itself and make features of certain characteristics (the hearth and the curved wall for example). Kestrel came to us with an open mind and worked with us from day one to meet our budgetary requirements but also to meet the design aspirations we had for the kitchen. We wanted a bespoke kitchen as the room is extremely uneven and doesn’t have a right angle anywhere in it, we also wanted something that we knew would have longevity crafted into it. After a few back and forths with the designs we came to a mutually agreeable price and design. The kitchen is incredible, it’s of impeccable quality. The materials and craftsmanship are second to none and the functionality it’s added is phenomenal. We’ve made great use of the original exposed brickwork which has been added to by exposing the beams in the ceiling and applying a clever lighting solution to show off the best of all of the kitchen.

Handmade Kitchens Norwich